School Readiness and White Bread – Cool Kid Clicks August 21, 2009


On Fridays, we list the links we love and point to the hot topics at our favorite sites.

Is it so bad that your kids eat white bread? And does it make it worse that you always cut the crusts off? ParentDish found out.

Katie Holmes has a dance workout routine. Maybe you should too, if you want a mommy body like she has. Makeover Momma tells all about it.

Maybe you don’t care about Katie and just want to look like a hip, athletic mom. Lil Sugar talks gear over here.

Your kid may be heading to kindergarten, but Divine Caroline asks: Is he or she ready for the big K?

Are you hoping for a freakout-free first day of school? Stroller Derby can relate.

Photo: striatic, Flickr

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