Lying, Drinking and Leaving Kids at the Park: Friday Finds June 4, 2010

Photo: kellyv, Flickr

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I don’t know about you, but I want honest kids — not liars. So, what do I do with the study that says lying is good for kids’ brains?

OK, so drinking during pregnancy isn’t a wise move, but what about before you’re pregnant? Seems consuming alcohol prior to conception might be a no-no, too!

Did you know May 22 was “Take Our Children to the Park … & Leave Them There Day“? Yep. It was meant to get kids back into the outdoors, playing freely, without moms and dads helicoptering overhead. A nice idea, but is it safe to leave kids (like 8-year-olds) in a park without adult supervision? Could be.

Watch out! Your caregiver could be undermining your parenting.

What makes a person a parent, anyway?

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