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PlanetKid Launches New Website

Our PlanetKid website was overdue for a revamp (like years overdue), and we hope you like what you see when you land at our new space. Take note of our fancy new front-page slider—one slide features the month’s specials, and one slide features the month’s coupons. We will update these prior to the start of each month, and we think the location of these slides will allow you to easily access our every-changing content. We have also placed our downloadable documents (i.e., Parent Handbook, Enrollment Form, Facility Guide, Flu Facts) on the front page. Our Facebook icon is in the top right corner of all pages, our address is in the top right corner with a link to Google Maps, and this blog has a fresh, new grid appearance. We invite you to take some time and tour our website pages and then share your thoughts. We welcome feedback about our practices. Always.

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