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Summer Camp Is ON

boy_on_beach_sliderWelcome to summer!

We kicked off Jr. Summer Camp (for ages 5-8) yesterday, and our Firefly Camper (this week’s theme) agenda features indoor fishing, roasting homemade S’mores, animal tracking, fort building, and edible campsite building.

Call us at (321) 259-7529 if you are interested in some summer-camp excitement. Next week, we launch a space theme, then Top Chef Around the World, then Inventor’s Workshop, then, well, see yourself. Click here for our entire 11-week calendar.

In addition to summer camp, we have some specials this week we hope you will enjoy:

Today (Tuesday): ½ Off Drop-In After 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday: Date-Night Deal
Friday: Flat-Rate Friday
Saturday: Sundaes” on Saturday With Movie and Games
Sunday: ½ Off Drop-In

Now, do not let this summer fly by without making your Fall plans. Call us at (321) 259-7529 for the scoop on our VPK program.

Happy start to summer, friends!

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