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Back to Lunches August 6, 2014 No Comments

Ugh. It is THAT TIME. School lunch time. Time to enlist some help. Good Housekeeping shares 30 healthy ideas. Pinterest—of course—displays beautiful and delicious ideas. Parents.com pitches in 25 options. And, well, that is a pretty good start. Whew. Feel better.

Perfect Pats on the Back August 4, 2014 No Comments

Ever get tired of saying, “Good Job”? If so, you are IN LUCK because the Picklebums crew has shared 25 alternatives to this overused phrase. It is all about being specific, using facts, encouraging, and sometimes even saying nothing—it is not required that we praise EVERY LITTLE ACTION.

T-Shirts Turned Trendy Tops July 29, 2014 No Comments

Who knew a boring ‘ol T-shirt could transform into a trendy little top? The folks at Andrea’s Notebook knew, and they are sharing the secret to their upcycling success. So. Very. Cool.

Whimsical Wind Chimes July 23, 2014 No Comments

Not only are these wind chimes whimsical, but they are also completely recycled, and you can make them all by yourself. Just grab an empty Gatorade-ish bottle, acrylic paint, outdoor craft sealer, a paint brush, yarn or twine or fishing line (your choice!), beads, drink straws, buttons, a hole punch, and, well, then it is time [...]

Cool Down This Summer With Zipzicles July 9, 2014 No Comments

The folks at Super Healthy Kids are singing the praises of Zipzicles, and we are pretty sure we know why: They look super yummy. Be gone sugar and water popsicles—now you can make your own nutritious cool-down treats!

Take a Crack at These Fourth of July Treats July 2, 2014 No Comments

TWENTY-NINE Fourth of July treats await you over at Buzzfeed, and they are sure to razzle and dazzle the masses! From Rice Krispy Treats to fruit salads to fancy, schmancy red, white, and blue popsicles, you will definitely impress those who get to see—and eat—your creations. The best part of these holiday yummies is that [...]

Super Summer Stick People June 30, 2014 No Comments

Stick people are not just for drawing—they are also for MAKING. The experts over at Craftulate share a great tutorial for making a stick family out of, well, STICKS. You know, sticks you can find in your own backyard. Just add some googly eyes and some fabric and anything else to help adorn your crafty peeps. [...]

Wooden Spoons for Garden Staking June 23, 2014 No Comments

OK, all you gardeners! Have you ever planted a whole bunch of seeds, and then plants popped up (yay!), and then you had no idea what they were because you did not mark them when they went into the ground? Well, if so, never fear for future gardens because wooden spoons are the perfect tools [...]

Now THIS Is How to Cut a Cake June 19, 2014 No Comments

Button Crafts Are WAY Awesome June 17, 2014 No Comments

We first spotted these beautiful button crafts at Red Ted Art (very cool stuff at that nifty site). And then we found more button beauty at Lil Sugar. We also peeked at Pinterest—Ooooo, dangerous, we know, but just look at all the possibilities. What is our point here? Well, that buttons are WAY awesome, and [...]