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Single Mom Paved Way to Happy Kids

one_wayThe story of PlanetKid is an inspiring one. It all started with Carla DiGiovanni, a single mom of two small children who could not find quality child care for her kids and decided to start her own center based on what she had wanted most for her son, daughter, and herself.

One of Carla’s biggest hurdles as a parent was finding a place she could trust where her children would feel happy and loved. It is not always easy to leave our children in the care of other people, and that is why Carla founded PlanetKid in 2009—to provide child care that ensures that parents feel secure that their children are not only safe, but also happy and loved.

Carla was also concerned about being late or missing work because she could not get a caregiver at the last minute if her daycare was closed. Occasionally, her regular babysitter just did not show up. Carla worked for a large corporation and did not always work traditional hours, so picking her kids up by 6:00 p.m. was sometimes impossible. Carla also wondered about the quality of education her children were receiving. Why should learning be jeopardized for a safe environment? Children deserve both! Carla also believed that she should not have to pay for time she did not use. It is typical for child care centers to charge for the week even if a child is on vacation just to hold the spot. It is also typical to charge for the full week even if a child only attends for 2 days. Additionally, Carla, as a single mom working full-time, rarely had free time. She often thought that it would be nice to have lunch with friends on a Saturday or catch a movie after work, but she had a difficult time finding someone to watch her kids.

Carla truly understands parents’ child care needs, and that is why she founded PlanetKid— to provide full-time, part-­time, occasional, and drop­-in care during days, nights, and weekends. Carla hired staff members who believe in and provide safe, fun, loving, quality, genuine care and education for children, all in a fully-licensed center.

A recent comment on PlanetKid’s Facebook page serves as a terrific testimonial to Carla’s vision, hard work, and compassion for little ones and their families.

We love PlanetKid! Thank you for offering a service unlike any other. As a working mom, thank you for the flexibility and the reliability! I don’t have to worry about the sitter not showing up (which has happened multiple times), and my girls love going there! And your prices are so affordable!


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