Drop-In, Flexible Child Care


PlanetKid is a fully flexible child care center featuring numerous programs and customizable schedules for individual family needs. PlanetKid is accredited through the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) of Brevard County. We offer age-appropriate curriculum approved by the ELC.

Preschool and Junior Preschool Programs
We design full-time and part-time programs to build self-esteem, introduce-self control, foster social development, build problem-solving skills, develop respect for others, and enhance learning. Examples of areas covered in our programs include the following:

Language arts and literacy skills. We encourage children to verbally express themselves. “Use your words” is something your child may repeat at home. Our teachers read to children every day, sometimes one on one and also in groups. We encourage children to join in while reading books, which helps expand their vocabularies. Teachers use repetitive and rhyming words and phrases and talk with children about characters in books and what the books are about. Children begin writing during junior preschool and preschool, starting with scribbling and eventually writing their names and words. Teachers help children understand patterns in language sounds so that children will start to make their own letter-sound connections.

Mathematics and science. Children use block play to about learn about measurement and balance. During circle time, teachers talk about the weather and seasons. We have a science center, and daily lesson plans include subjects such as animals and plants, space, time, nature, and measurement. We also include sand and water play throughout the week.

Social studies. We teach kids about their communities and local and national news events on an age-appropriate level. Teachers introduce cultures and history as well as geography.

Creative arts. Children have easy access to a wide variety of dress-up clothes and toys for dramatic play. They have music time every day, and they sing songs, listen to and move to music, and use instruments. We stock our art center with crayons, markers, paints, colored paper, and other arts and crafts items. Children experience daily large motor development activities and small motor development activities as well as outdoor play.

VPK Program
PlanetKid is an approved Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) provider. Please see our director for enrollment and eligibility. House Bill 1-A (enacted in January 2005) created the mandated VPK education program, which provides that each child residing in Florida who has reached 4 years of age on or before September 1 of the school year is eligible for this free program. VPK is designed to enhance each child’s ability to make progress in the development of language and cognitive capabilities through education in basic skills. The VPK program is administered by the ELC and is funded by the state. Florida’s VPK is a free educational program that prepares 4-year-olds for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Weekly Flexible Programs
We have part-time and full-time programs with 28 hours/week or up to 50 hours/week to use as needed during any of our business hours. We include children in the same activities and lessons as the other children in their age groups. This program allows parents to create their own child care schedules. Parents from many different career paths use this program. The hours must be used in a consecutive 7-day period, and the hours do not roll over if unused.

Drop-In Programs
We offer hourly or daily drop-in child care. For the hourly drop-in, there is a 1-hour minimum charge. After the first hour, we charge by the minute. For daily drop-in, we charge a flat rate for the day and allow children to stay in our care until 6:30 p.m; if a child is not picked up by that time, drop-in fees will apply and will be due at pick-up. We also sell blocks of hours at discounted rates; the hours expire at 6 months.

Summer Camp Programs/School Holiday Programs
We offer these programs for school-aged children up to 10 years of age. We incorporate weekly and daily themes with fun activities, games, movies, and projects. Spaces fill quickly, so see our director to reserve a spot. We bring all field trips, entertainment, shows, and activities to our facility to provide safe, quality camp fun for children. There is no additional cost for before- and after-care, and there are no activity fees.

Weekend and Evening Programs
We offer weekend and evening packages for families that regularly need us during these times. We include children in the same activities and lessons as the other children in their age groups. We are happy to change children into their pajamas and help brush teeth so that the transition from pick-up to bedtime is easier.

December 2022
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